Stop Wasting Your Time – Michael Franti

MLDD: Michael Franti has so many songs with positive messages it was difficult to choose one to highlight. But no task is too difficult for us, never fear.

Today’s song was also difficult because it was the first real song, not sung with muppets, shown on our blog, so we put tons of pressure on ourselves to choose a marvelous one for you to enjoy that will help you get to know us and is also one that we both like so that we aren’t arguing in front of you yet.

DWDD: This song was super funky and fun to listen to. It sends a positive message and is clever in getting the message to stick. Michael Franti and Sonna Rele created an extremely catchy duet song with an emphasis on beats 2 and 4. 11:59 relies on words to carry its message because its simple background music only helps to create the lively toe-tapping tune.

Today’s song is 11:59. Michael says it best himself so I’ll let him say it.

“The song 11:59 is about appreciating every second we have on this planet and using our time here to fight for what we believe in.” ~ MICHAEL FRANTI

Why we like this song?

Gets stuck in your head ability – 7/10. I dare you not to keep humming it after its over
Shake your groove thing ability – 12/20. funky beat is more toe tapping and finger snapping than make you irresistibly get up and move your body
Improve your mood ability – 8/10. Upbeat. It’s happy. It’s repetitive melody makes your brain feel good – less thinking!
Inspirational ability – 986.5/1000. Such an overwhelming positive message not to waste your life – live your life and make it mean something – darn it! now! do it now!



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