Music makes us so happy we could jump for joy…most of the time.

Hey, its Mama Lama Ding Dong and Doo Wah Diddy Daughter here (or MLDD and DWDD for short). If you didn’t bother to read the About page, we are a mother daughter team. Some days we will share music we both love, some days not so much, because come on, even as fantastic as we are at creating a blog together, we simply can’t agree on everything. We will write every post together, so the wording is a melding of teenage and not-so-teenage styles. And we are both quite silly so we hope you enjoy the ride.

Music is everything around our house and without it we would literally cease to function. It helps us to focus, cheers us up, lulls us to sleep, makes us laugh, cry and shake our groove things! Who knows where our love of music came from, but we know what we like, love what we like, and semi-obsess over what we like. In this blog we will take you on a magical mystery tour of our minds.

What you need to know…yeah, listen up! We will be rating the songs on various different categories likes sing-along-ability, makes you shake-your-groove-thing-ability, gets stuck-in-your-head-ability, and other categories as we see fit.

Occasionally, we reference yip yip aliens for our rating scale. More yips is obviously better. A song with all nopes, well I don’t even know what to say about a song like that. That’s just downright shameful.

Less occasionally, we’ll be posting in random/odd accents. Don’t worry, we’ll tell you what the accents are so you can read it properly (because we know that’s important to y’all). Oh, sorry, that was a country accent there…whoops. Most of this will be in Northern/Mid-western american accent but you know…just in case.

Even more less occasionally, we’ll reference things that you won’t get but we won’t explain them and you’ll (probably) have not the slightest clue. (That was a British accent; if you read it wrong, go reread it. We’ll wait.)

We are MLDD and DWDD and we approve this message.  🙂

Here’s the Yip Yip Aliens in case you are under enlightened and do not know what we are referencing.


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